Pallets in Chelmsford

We pride ourselves on understanding our current and new customers’ requirements. Whether you require a few pallets or require thousands every week, we have the capacity to fulfil all orders.


Any Quantity

Whether you would like to purchase 1pallet or 10,000, we are able to supply pallets in any volume.


Bespoke Specification

Due to the high volume of pallets we recycle, we are able to grade pallets to suit your requirements and then hold stock at our main storage depot in Witham, where we have the capacity to stock over 200,000 pallets. This enables us to guarantee your supply even throughout the busy periods of the year.


Collection Services

Pallets that you have accumulated from your suppliers which are not suitable for your own requirements can be collected by us and recycled responsibly. If the pallets have a resale value, we will credit your account.



Ensuring that all equipment is up to date and running at optimum efficiency, including our purpose built fleet of trucks, means that we are able to consistently meet tight deadlines.


Regular Orders

If you require a large order of pallets on a regular basis, we recommend that one of our account managers visit your premises so they can fully understand your requirements. After a visit, we will be able to supply the most competitively priced recycled pallets that are chosen to fit your needs.


Visit Our Premises

New and Existing Customers are welcome to visit our premises to see how we recycle and grade our pallets.


Why Us?

  • Unrivalled customer service
  • Full understanding of our customers’ requirements
  • Consistent quality
  • We hold a stock that can be viewed at any time by our customers
  • Stocks in excess of 150,000 pallets
  • Top prices paid for good quality pallets
  • Over 2 million pallets recycled last year saving approx 50,000 trees