Our aims


Ensuring that all equipment is up to date and running at optimum efficiency, including our purpose built fleet of trucks, means that we are able to consistently meet tight deadlines.


Adhering to strict guidelines and methods of working allows us to meet deadlines consistently and build a relationship of trust with our clients.

Customer Satisfaction

Our proactive management team works to achieve a strong, lasting relationship with each of our clients and as such, our client base continues to grow, indicating the level of confidence that our clients have in us.


Strict quality management criteria are put in place by us to ensure that our customers receive the most bespoke grade pallets possible while using our experience to solve our customers’ pallet requirements.


We work efficiently to make sure that we offer highly competitive prices to all of our customers.

Wide Range of Grades

Our customers have varying needs when it comes to bespoke pallet choice, and so we maintain a large stock of an extensive range of different pallets to ensure our flexibility in meeting those needs.

Repeat Orders

We believe that adhering to these principles will result in returning customers, which is what allows our business to grow year by year.

Pallets Supplied

Years' Experience in Recycling Pallets