About Us

Robinsons Pallet Services is a family-run business with 35 years of experience in recycling pallets across the UK and into Europe. We use our expertise to help our customers ensure a high-quality, fast, cost-effective pallet solution, which has resulted in substantial cost savings with no change to warehouse efficiency.

As a client of Robinsons, a member of our team with help you earn the most value out of your pallet management via our following services:

  • Next-day pallet supply
  • Next-day pallet clearance
  • Standing trailer collections and reimbursement for your redundant pallets
  • Cost-effective wood waste clearance

Please email us to arrange a trial load and for one of our sales representatives (average experience 23 years) to visit your site before giving a quote.

Pallets Supplied

Years' Experience in Recycling Pallets